Based in the United Kingdom, I am former British Armed Forces, with operational experience throughout East and West Europe and the Middle East. Since leaving the UK armed forces I have operated as a freelance Security, Surveillance and Investigation Operative for over ten years, on a wide variety of assignments all over the world, including Royalty, Corporate and Hostile environments.

Previous Clients include:

  • Individual Members of the Public
  • Company Directors and Senior Executives
  • High net worth individuals and their families
  • Politicians
  • Royalty (Non UK)
  • SME’s
  • Corporations
  • NGO’s
  • Legal industry
  • Insurance companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Local Authorities
  • Police Services
  • Other security and investigation companies that have repeatedly used my specialist services

I understand that each client is unique whether individual people, SME’s, Government Agencies,
NGO’s and large global corporations. All of my services are available to suit your specific needs,
with complete confidentiality and discretion.

Security Industry Authority