Executive Personal Security & Close Protection

Maintaining the safety and security of company Executives reduces the chances of any disruption of their service to your company, thus ensuring the continuity of your company’s overall service and performance.

Whether it is supporting your companies Executives in the UK; or for those travelling to do vital business in unfamiliar countries or potentially unsafe and hostile countries, I offer this specialist service according to your companies profile, specific circumstances and requirements; which can be either:

  • High profile
  • Low profile, or even
  • Undercover protection

Operating discreetly in the background, allowing you to carry out your normal working routine and daily life without hindrance, whilst providing comprehensive security protection and facilitation for your company’s Executives, (or visiting clients,) in order to prevent:

  • Opportunist Criminal Attack – street scams, mugging, assault, etc
  • Organised Criminal Attack – kidnap, blackmail, extortion, etc
  • Employee threats and violence
  • Activist intimidation
  • General public harassment
  • Personal lifestyle disruption
  • Work and business disruption