Residential Security Team

Whether a short term solution to a temporary threat, or a full time residential security presence; RST offers the ultimate service in home security, allowing you and your family complete peace of mind that you are safe, secure and will not be disrupted.

Each Residential Security service is bespoke to your unique requirements, from a single Close Protection operative conducting windows, door, garage and drive gate checks at dusk, through to a complete Residential Security Team service.

The numerous options and combinations available include:

  • Evening security checks
  • Irregular night time security visits and checks
  • Dark hours only security presence
  • 24 hour security presence
  • Full Residential Security Team – gateway, house, garage, patrols, dog patrols, visitor escorts, CCTV controller, etc


Vacant property monitoring

Going away on business or holiday?

Additionally, I can provide peace of mind and reassurance to you, whilst you are away on business or on holiday, offering security of your vacant private residence and vehicles; either by a "live in" security presence or an external Residential Security guard protecting your home.